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Active filters
  • New
Kit 4 spring filter panels Dolphin IT'S CALLED 9991468-ASSY
Ref. 9991468-ASSY

• Kit consisting of 4 panels.
• Original replacement Dolphin.
• Filtration level of 90 microns.
• See the description of compatible floor cleaners.

Price 40.54
Floating cable 18 m with swivel, 3 threads, for cleaning funds Dolphin
Ref. 9995873DIY

• Cable for cleaning funds DolphinThe.Reference 9995873DIY
• Length of 18 m.with three threads.
Equipped with Swivel Anti-Tortion System.
• Valid for cleaning funds Dolphin and AstralPool.

Price 179.00
Fuente de alimetación Timer Bluetooth Dolphin 9995679-ASSY
Ref. 9995679-ASSY

Power source with timer, remote control receiver and Bluetooth
Compatible with robots with Bluetooth.
• Non-inclusive power supply.

Price 175.00
Kit 4 paneles filtración ultrafina Dolphin 9991467-ASSY
Ref. 9991467-ASSY

• Ultra-Fine Filtering 4 Panels Kit for Robot Cleaning Foods Dolphin.
• Specifically designed to retain fine and small impurities.
• Porosity of 15 microns.
• Original response Dolphin.

Price 120.50
Closing top cover for cleaning funds Dolphin E20, E25 and Seamaster AG
Ref. 99830772

• Closing top cleaning funds Dolphin E20, E25 and Seamaster AG.
Easy installation by the user.
• Original response Dolphin 100% .
The colour grey.

Price 15.97
Set of 4 spring filter panels Dolphin 9991463-ASSY
Ref. 9991463-ASSY

Kit of 4 spring filter panels Dolphin.
• Specially designed to retain large and medium-sized impurities.
Porosity level of 90 microns.
The original repost Dolphin.

Price 58.08

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