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Active filters
Zodiac MX8 automatic pool cleaner
Ref. W70668

Are you looking for an effective and reliable cleaner? Look no more than the Zodiac MX8. This high-end cleaner is perfect for up-to-end pools 12 x 6 m and has a high performance hydraulic operation. The MX8 connects directly to the suction entrance of your pool, so it is not necessary to make an electrical connection or install an additional pump. In addition, with its Turbo aspiration system, consisting of two vacuum propellers and a powerful suction turbine, the MX8 can clean all areas of your pool quickly and easily. And with the X-Drive navigation system, you can be sure that your pool will be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom.

Required minimum filter pump power: 3⁄4 hp.

Price 399.00
Staircase Gre for high pools mod. AR11680
Ref. AR11680

Looking for a reliable and robust staircase for your elevated pool? No more search than the ladder Gre mod. AR11680. This staircase is made of stainless steel and has steps 2x4 plus a platform, which facilitates the entrance and exit of your pool. The ladder Gre mod. AR11680 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a safe and durable staircase for your elevated pool.

Price 345.68
Skimmer + AR100 Pressure Nozzle
Ref. AR100

Skimmer and nozzle for high pools Gre. Standard Skimmer Gre complete, with impulsion valve or return. Adaptable to all pool models Gre (with the exception of self-porters).

Price 46.99
Liner Gre blue color Ø 550x120 for round pools.
Ref. FPR551

Liner Gre blue FPR551 for round pools Grewith Ø measures550 x 120 cm., made of PVC material and a thickness of 40/100.

Its installation is done by hanging system, which greatly facilitates the installation of it.

Price 485.90
Reactive DPD 1 box for photometers, 250 you. Lovibond
Ref. 03009

DPD 1 reagent box for photometers. Lovibond brand. Ref. 03009.

Box contents: 25 strips of 10 reagent tablets each.

Reagent indicated for free chlorine measurements.

Valid reagents for all photometers except for Scuba 1

Manufacturer part number 51051BT

Price 19.90
Poolp'o. Complete treatment for elevated pools up to 20 m3
Ref. 08113L

Gre All-in-One Water Treatment Solution. Ideal for above ground pools, with or without filtration. Monthly treatment.

Presented in a single-dose float of 500 gr.

Valid for pools between 10 and 20 m3

Old Ref. 08013A.

Price 18.00
Angel Shower with sprayer and lavapies Astralpool
Ref. 52718

Shower made of AISI-304 stainless steel with a 43 mm diameter central tube and built-in anchor. With chrome-plated anti-limescale overhead water sprinkler and a flow opening valve. Sprinkler height 2 meters. It has a knob that activates the valve and a foot wash tap.

Price 239.00
Ref. 19112

LEAK SEALER leak sealant, 1 L.

• Seal small cracks.

• Suitable for all types of pools.

• It is not necessary to empty the pool.

• Can be used in tanks and pipes.

Price 36.00
Ref. 92401018

Replaces the ref. 92401012

Optima pump pre-filter basket. Valid for all Optima models.

Large volume basket to offer a very high filtration quality and at the same time not require constant cleaning of the basket.

Price 12.83
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