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Multicyclone - prefiltro centrífugo
Ref. 200374

Multicyclone 12 centrifugal prefilter. Waterco brand.

• Significantly reduces maintenance on your pool filter.

• Provides significant water savings.

• It does not have a filter element that needs to be cleaned or replaced.

• easy to mount in new or old installations.

Price 360.00
The Hydrospin Astralpool
Ref. 45289

Save 50% on water when washing your filter Hydrocyclonic cleaning pre-filter that can be installed in filtration systems in both new and existing installations. It allows to treat flows of up to 30m³/h with a maximum working pressure of 2.5 bar.

Price 619.00
AstralPool Hydrospin Compact hydrocyclonic pre-filter
Ref. 53743

AstralPool 's new Hydrospin Compact hydrocyclonic pre-filter is designed to save filter washing water, thus lengthening their maintenance period (filter media washing), allowing savings of up to 50% in filter washing water.

Price 370.00

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