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Active filters
Filter Cleaner AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner
Ref. H004072

• Powerful cartridge filter cleaner.
• Helps to maintain filtration capacity.
• Easy and safe use.
• Supply in a package of 400 g.

Price 25.00
Crystal Clear "4 in 1." 500 c.c. bottle. Aqachemicals.
Ref. 19077

Product that clarifies the water in your spa, dissolves oils and fats, sequesters metals and salts and increases the efficiency of the filter.

Price 4.95
CALFREE Anticalcareo Spacare bottle 0.5 L.
Ref. 19171

Special salts for treating spa water. Prevents calcareous encrustation and oxidation of the equipment, in the glass and pipes.

Price 4.83
Kit of water maintenance products for SPA Aquafinesse
Ref. H006011

Product for a correct weekly water treatment in a simple way. It is responsible for loosening the layer of slime from the surfaces of the Spa and prevents it from forming again. Thanks to that, the bacteria levels are reduced and therefore, a small amount of disinfectant will be needed. Powerful even with the archenemy of all spas: calcium.

Price 105.00
Spa Clean. Spa cleaning tablet.
Ref. H007000

• Ecological cleaner.

• Removes stickiness, built-up dirt and limescale from your spa.

• Also cleans pipes and complete equipment of the spa.

Price 19.00
Easy Pool & Spa all-in-one kit. Bayrol.
Ref. 7599012

• Kit consisting of 1 kg. multifunction tablets + 0.5 l. clarifying.
• Indicated for swimming pools and spas with a volume of less than 10 m³.
• Suitable for any type of filter.
• Copper-free chlorinated product, does not stain the coating.

Price 16.94
Chlorilong POWER 5. Cloro tabletas multifunción. 1 kg. BAYROL.
Ref. 7535110

Multifunction tablets of 20 g. of slow dissolution.
Ideal for small swimming pools and spas.
• Can be used with any type of filter (except diatomeas).
It does not contain copper sulfate.

Price 9.62
Spas-2 Maintenance Kit
Ref. S102

Kit with everything you need to start up and maintain the Spa water (Bromine, pH-, Calfree Calcareous, CrystalClear 4 in 1, Algaecide, Antiphoam, Bromine Test Kit).

Price 49.44

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