【Desincrustants and cleaners ➡️ for swimming pools 】

Disinlators and cleaners

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Active filters
Filter Cleaner AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner
Ref. H004072

• Powerful cartridge filter cleaner.
• Helps to maintain filtration capacity.
• Easy and safe use.
• Supply in a package of 400 g.

Price 25.00
CTX Desincrustant electrodes saline chlorers.5 L.
Ref. 31127

• Cleans and eliminates calcary incrustations in electrodes of salt chlorers.
• Avoid premature deterioration of the electrolysis cell.

Price 16.82
Eliminador de metales sueltos no more metal
Ref. 19320

No More Metal, sequestrant of metals dissolved in water.

Lo-chlor brand. Supplied in 1 liter containers.

Distributed by Aqa Chemical under code E950.

Price 34.00
Bayrol Calcinex 3L
Ref. 7518143

Calcinex 3L from Bayrol. Ref. 7518143

• Avoid calcareous precipitation.

• Protects equipment from limescale.

• You avoid metal stains on the liners.

• Does not alter pH levels.

• Does not contain phosphates.

Price 47.19
Saline electrolysis protector-enhancer SAVECELL PM-695, 6 L. Piscimar .
Ref. 202161

SAVECELL Protector-enhancer of saline electrolysis. PM-695. Piscimar .

• Improves the performance of electrolysis equipment.

• Increases chlorine production.

• Reduces phosphates.

• Extends cell life by approximately 30%.

Price 26.00
GREASE KILLER PM-620 fat remover, 1 L. Piscimar
Ref. 202217

GREASE KILLER, grease remover and sunscreen. PM-620. Piscimar .

• Eliminates organic matter such as grease and sunscreen.

• Prevents dirt on the waterline.

• Prevents grease from settling on the filter material.

• Can be used with salt electrolysis.

Price 29.90
Spot remover SPOT REMOVER PM-665. 1.1 kg Piscimar .
Ref. 200114

SPOT REMOVE. Superficial stain remover. 1.3kg PM-665. Piscimar .

• Removes stains from walls, joints, background and stairs.

• Suitable for all types of surfaces.

• Does not attack stainless steel.

Price 36.91
Protect & Clean edge cleaner, 350 ml. Bayrol
Ref. 4113211

• Gel 2 in 1 for waterline cleaning.

• Descales and degreases.

• Does not contain hydrochloric acid.

• Does not damage metallic elements of the pool.

Price 9.70
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