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Material exterior piscina.

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Kit 4 tapes for deckener.
Ref. 87197041

Kit of 4 tapes for roller covers.

• 30 mm black polypropylene tape. Wide.

• Includes clamp and fixing plug.

• Total length 145 cm.

Price 15.61
Detachable anchor with astral fold
Ref. 07331

Removable anchor with plate made of brightly polished AISI-316 stainless steel for Ø 43 mm tube, with elastic joints, plugs and screws.

Price 100.00
Astralpool safety cloth with double non-slip surface.
Ref. 70662

According to the European standard EN 13451-2. It is made of AISI-316 stainless steel with a bright polished finish. For all models of ladders for inground pools.

Price 169.30
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