Piscinas elevadas

Active filters
Skimmer + AR100 Pressure Nozzle
Ref. AR100

Skimmer and nozzle for high pools Gre. Standard Skimmer Gre complete, with impulsion valve or return. Adaptable to all pool models Gre (with the exception of self-porters).

Price 46.99
Impulsion nozzle detachable pool AR503
Ref. AR503

White delivery nozzle for removable pool, to replace in case of breakage or water leak. It also serves as a connection for a pool cleaner hose.

Price 19.89
Universal Zuncho AR508 of Gre
Ref. AR508

AR508 universal strap for joining the tank (ØMin= 20 cm ØMax = 21 cm) with the selector valve. Valid for all models of Gre treatment plants.

Price 31.48
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