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Bicolor vacuum cleaner with brushes
Ref. 90403

Manual suction pool cleaner with side brushes for quick and economical maintenance of the pool, which speeds up and facilitates cleaning.

Price 25.00
Cleaning kit Medium Vac AR20637
Ref. AR20637

Suction pool cleaner kit Medium Vac AR20637 for the maintenance of self-supporting or elevated pools. Contains: a manual suction pool cleaner that includes two nozzles, one with a brush + 9 m hose + 6-section pole + 3 connection pieces. Ø32 connection.

Price 48.29
Small Confort AR20682 Microphones Gre
Ref. AR20682

Automatic suction pool cleaner. It connects directly to the skimmer and is compatible with pumps from 1/3 CV. Includes 6 m hose. (in 8 sections).

Price 73.89
Electric Vac Gre
Ref. VCB10

Especially suitable for in-ground pools, it cleans stairs and corners where the automatic pool cleaner does not reach, a convenient and simple solution. They are rechargeable, without the need for cables and very manageable due to their size and shape. Ref: VCB10

Price 192.90
Manual pool cleaner with QP brushes
Ref. 500335C

Manual pool cleaner made of ABS with rigid and durable nylon brushes. The fixing is clip-type and has a 1½" and 1¼" hose adapter. Its side brushes favor the cleaning of the edges.

Price 13.99
Pool cleaner with detachable pole QP Ref. 500334
Ref. 500334

• Includes detachable pole, wheels and bag

• Designed to work with the garden hose

• Suitable for cleaning spas, small pools, portable garden ponds or fountains.


Price 23.00

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