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Active filters
Chlorine granulated 3-action shock effect Tamar
Ref. 1105021050

Product in granular form with 3 effects: chlorine, anti-algae and flocculant. It is ideal for busy swimming pools due to its shock effect.

Price 29.95
Bromine 1 kg for spas PQS
Ref. 118022

Ideal product to kill algae, bacteria and fungi in swimming pools and spas. A very good alternative to chlorine, but with many more advantages, including avoiding unpleasant odors.

Price 19.89
Chlorine tablets 10 actions Tamar other
Ref. 1205106050

Chlorine multifunctional in 200 g tablets with 10 actions such as disinfectant, bactericide, algaicide, flocculant, brightener, pH regulator, anti-bacterial, bacteriostatic, clarifying stabilizer. This product is ideal for the complete treatment of your pool water.

Price 40.00
Quimiclor PS 5 Efectos, tabletas 250 grs. 13 Kg. QUIMICAMP
Ref. 201813

Chimiclor 5 actions, tablets 250 g.

Package of 13 kg.

AND CHEMISTRY.Desinfectant, Algicide, Floculant, Antical, pH maintenance. complete treatment for pools with very hard or difficult waters.

Price 75.00
Chlorine tablets multifunction 5 special liner, 25 kgs. CTX342
Ref. 75142

• Multifunction chlorine in tablets of 250 gr., special for liner and polyester pools. CTXby 342.
• Slow-solving tablets with high concentration of chlorine.
• Free of metals (cover).
• Supply in package of 25 kg.

Price 190.00
Filter Cleaner AquaFinesse Filter Cleaner
Ref. H004072

• Powerful cartridge filter cleaner.
• Helps to maintain filtration capacity.
• Easy and safe use.
• Supply in a package of 400 g.

Price 25.00
  • Online only
Chlorine 5 acts T-250 g. PQS
Ref. 1705

5 tablets of 250 g.slow dissolution.
• Desinfectant, stabilizer, algicide, antihongos and floculant.
• Supply in packages of 5 kg.

Price 30.00
CTX Desincrustant electrodes saline chlorers.5 L.
Ref. 31127

• Cleans and eliminates calcary incrustations in electrodes of salt chlorers.
• Avoid premature deterioration of the electrolysis cell.

Price 16.82
Anti-Cary Alguid AstralPool for salt chlorers.5 L.
Ref. 40926

• Quick action algicide for swimming pools with salt chlorers
• Effective to prevent and eliminate algae.
• Avoid the formation of calcare deposits.
• Untouched product.

Price 30.55
Floculant Gel Monodosis AstralPool By Crystalblock
Ref. 67558

• Floculant gel monodosis of 90 g.
It keeps the water crystal and pure.
• Increases the efficiency of the filter.
• Increases the effectiveness of the desinfectants.

Price 7.00
Cloro AstralPool Multi Action 10 Plus, tabletas 250 g.
Ref. 75158

• Multiaction tablets AstralPool of 250 g.
• 10 actions, for a complete treatment.
• Non-comburant product.
• Supply in package of 5 kg.

Price 40.90
Floculant Claritab Tablets 20 gr. AstralPool
Ref. 72769

• Superconcentrated floculant tablets.
• Clarify and clarify the pool water.
• Reduce the consumption of disinfectants.
• Supply a bottle with 5 tablets of 20 gr.

Price 6.80
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