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      Lámpara LED Diamond Power 3000 lúmenes

      Ref. 64192LC15

      Looking for a powerful and efficient LED lamp? Look no further than the Diamond Power 850 Lumen Color LED Lamp. This high-power lamp is perfect for any room in your home, office, or business. With its 850 lumen output, it's sure to light up any space with ease. And thanks to its LED technology, it's also extremely energy efficient, saving money on your energy bills. Plus, the Diamond Power 850 Lumen Color LED Lamp has a sleek, stylish design that's sure to complement any décor. What are you waiting for? Order Your Diamond Power 850 Lumen Color LED Lamp Today

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      Price 245.00

        Bombillas PAR56 LED

        Ref. PAR56B252LED

        Bulb in PAR56 format with 252 5mm Leds and 1200 lumens, inserted in a polyester housing with IP68 sealing suitable for immersion. You can replace the traditional 300W halogen bulb with this bulb without the need to make any changes. It will only be necessary to replace one with the other.

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        Price 87.56

          Fantasy LED lamp by Gre

          Ref. 90173

          Fantasy solar lamp Gre , with various light functions to illuminate the pool. It has 8 light-emitting diodes (LED) in bright colors that create 7 different light programs on the walls as well as on the bottom of the pool. The batteries are rechargeable thanks to the solar panel.

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            Ref. 56001

            LumiPlus 1.11 PAR56 RGB LED lamp for use in underwater lighting. Replaces 300W halogen lamps. With IPX8 protection resistant to chemical agents used in swimming pools, they must always work submerged in water. It adapts to all PAR56 projectors on the market. Consumption of 24W and a luminous flux of 1100 lm. Working voltage 12V AC.


            Price 326.00
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